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Biographie de Elie Fleurant 

Elie Fleurant est un poète philosophe, éducateur,
inventeur, historien d’origine haitienne. Né au Cap-Haitien , il a fait ses études primaires et secondaires au Collège Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours de sa ville natale. C’est en 1969 qu’il a émigré aux Etat-Unis. L’auteur est titulaire d’une license en psychologie et éducation de Oswego State University et d’une maîtrise en administration scolaire et supervision de St John’s University.


Elie Fleurant est créateur de la philosophie du Diaphanéisme, une poétique de raison, d’humanisme, de positives émotions , du “Bien-Être Collectif” et “d’Harmonique Sociale.”Elie Fleurant fut un des membres fondateurs et directeur exécutif du Forum Académique Haitien, présidé par Eddy Magloire(aujourd’hui Fondations Mémoires.) Il enseigna les lettres à Hofstra University, BCC City Unversity of New York où il occupa le poste de Sénateur. Il enseigne actuellement les langues à Farmingdale State University of New York. L’auteur a publié de beaux poèmes dans les revues universitaires et journaux haitiens.


En 1999, il a publié son premier recueil de poèmes, “A Coeur Nu”. Son récent recueil de poèmes, “Les Yeux de la Nuit”  a été publié par Trafford Publishing. Les “Yeux de la Nuit” est une véritable gerbe de fleurs, une oeuvre de maturité largement inspirée par l’attachement du poète à la nature, l’émotivité, sa vocation à l’humanité et au bien-être collectif. Dans “Les Yeux de la Nuit” le poète philosophe exerce cette passion d’écrire avec passion, sensibilité et profondeur.  

"Les yeux de la nuit" a remporté le prestigieux Prix Intercontinental Concours Europoésie UNICEF 2014  et fut nommé finaliste du Prix International du Livre Insulaire, Ouessant 2014


En juillet 2014, L'Asociation Rencontres Européennes Europoésie a nommé Elie Fleurant membre honoraire de cette prestigieuse institution.


Elie Fleurant fut nominataire de la Publication” Who’s Who In America”,année 2010.  



Elie Fleurant is a poet, philosopher, lecturer, inventor and historian. He was born in Cap Haitian, a port and colonial city located on the northern shores of Haiti. Cap-Haitian is a picturesque city enshrined by the Atlantic Ocean on the East and the Cap’s Mountain on the West, which gives to the city a unique eminence. The city is also the birth place of Toussaint Louverture, the precursor of the Haitian Revolution. The poet Oswald Durand, author of the famous song, Yellow Bird, was also born and grew up in that magical and fascinating city. As a child, growing up in that coastal and colonial city, Elie Fleurant was surrounded by poets, musicians and artists that have influenced his life and enticed him into poetry writing since his early adolescent age. Mr. Fleurant attended College Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours, a reputable catholic institution founded and directed by the Canadian Priests (Les Pères de Sainte Croix.)

The poet Elie Fleurant immigrated to the United States in December 1969. He attended Oswego State University of New York where he received a B.S.,degree in Psychology. He attended St John’s University Graduate School of Education where he obtained a M.S., degree in Education and Philosophy. He worked as a teacher for the New York City Department of Education for many years and became the Director of a bilingual program at the New York Public Schools. He worked as an independent Psycho-Educational Consultant from 1977 to 1999. Since 1987 to the present, he has been teaching at the Higher Education level. He taught languages at the City University schools for several years and served as a Faculty Senator at Bronx Community College, City University of New York. He also was a language instructor at Hofstra University, where Obama and Romney held a debate. Presently he teaches languages at Farmingdale State University of New York.                  

Prof. Fleurant is a polyglot and a world traveler. He has extensively traveled to Europe, Asia(China), Latin American and the Caribbeans( Including Cuba where his uncle had lived.) Elie Fleurant is a member of the Association of the French Poets and Rencontres Européennes-Europoésie. He has spent many years overseas doing scholarly and language work. He had traveled to Paris, during the early 90’s, doing research on Toussaint Louverure in “Les Archives Nationales de Paris”. In 1995, he traveled to La Guadeloupe where he conducted a Creole language study with his colleague, Hector Poullet, a poet and linguist originated from that French island.

Mr. Fleurant, a graduate from Hollywood Film Institute, holds a certificate on Feature/Documentary film Producing and Directing. In 1995 he had worked with his alma mater, Oswego State University, in a film on school violence. He is currently working on a Mexican film project, entitled For the Love of Danzón. The documentary will show the similarity of culture between Havana, Cuba and the Mexican port city, Veracruz.    

Elie Fleurant is  the creator of Diaphanism. Diaphanism is a philosophy of reason, non-violence, harmonic social, positive emotion, moderation, and collective well-being. Diaphanism derived from the Cartesian theory “ Cogito Ergo Sum” “ I think therefore I am”. In sum, Diaphanism is the methodic exercise of good habits for the attainment of positive emotions and happiness. Diaphanism was inaugurated in Paris in 2001 amid a cohort of poets from France, Haiti, Guadeloupe and Romania.

Elie Fleurant’s poems have been published in different literary and scholarly magazines. In 1999, the poet had published his first poem booklet A Coeur Nu “Naked Heart”. His new poem booklet, Les Yeux de la Nuit “ Eyes of the Night” is scheduled to be released in August 2013. The frontal segment of the book addresses the very manifesto of the Diaphanism philosophy.    

Mr. Fleurant is the inventor of FAS (Fleurant Alphabet Symbols), an educational device that teaches children and illiterates how to read and write through symbols. The Poet-Philosophe has received many certificates of merits, including THE WALL OF TOLERANCE Allegiance of Honor chaired by Rosa Parks.

Elie Fleurant is a 2010 WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA nominee.


Eli Fleurant presently lives in Bellmore, New York with his wife Evelyne, a Registered Nurse at the Veteran Administration Hospital. They have two sons, Duke-Ellie and Marshall. Both presently live in Boston. Duke had worked as a stock broker in Wall Street and he presently works as a Human Resource Administrator. Marshall is a MD, graduated from Harvard University. Dr.Marshall Fleurant is the co-author of “ Tectonic Shifts: Haiti since the Earthquake.” Marshall works at Boston Hospital.        


Curriculm Vitae




FAX &TEL)516.409.9173






          Teaching position in a Higher Education Capacity.



* Ability to work independently and carry out complex assignments

* Ability to initiate and develop project

* Strengths in interpersonal and multicultural relations

*Ability to develop and reinforce positive attitudes in students and adults     




*Positive influence as a team player

*Positive interpersonal relationship among individuals

* Multilingual speaker and tolerance on diversity


                                ACADEMIC PREPARATION                     2003-


*(Applying to) Ph.D., Program  in French Literature/CUNY Graduate Center

 *Diaphanism Philosophy created by Candidate and rooted from the theory

 of Rene Descartes.

 DIAPHANISM MANIFESTO is to be published in 2012.


* St. John’s University   2000- 2005

  Master of Science in School Administration and                      



* Oswego State University   1973- 1976

   Bachelor of Arts in Education / Languages & Psychology  






ELIE FLEURANT                                                                       Page two






FARMINGDALE STATE UNIVERSITY                          2004 to present


Teaches Intermediate and Elementary Spanish & French.

Participated in monthly meeting with University Language Chairman and staff.

Coordinated trips to Europe:Paris/Rome/Madrid  


 HOFSTRA UNIVERSTY                                             2005-06

Teaches Advanced Spanish/ Conversation Skills/Grammar

Coordinated High Tech Language Lab

Participated in monthly meeting with Hofstra Language Chairman and teaching staff.


City University of New York @ BCC                                            1991-


Modern Language Department Colston Hall                              2005

West 181 st and University Avenue

Bronx, New York 10453


Teaches French and Spanish Classes. Courses taught included audio visual aid devises to assist students developing language art skills.

Coordinated French Club.

Organized yearly trips to Paris and broadened students scope in French and Western cultures.

Coordinated students projects on French civilization, Culture and Literature.

Faculty Advisor in students academic decisions.

Faculty mentor to French Honor students.

Coordinated conferences involving Diplomats guest speakers; e.g., Ambassadors, Consuls and Charge d’Affaires of United Nations Mission.


COLLEGE SENATE REPRESENTATIVE                                       1999-

 BCC Modern Language Department                                           2000                                                                                                               

Served as College Senator representing the

Participated in monthly meeting/session with the University Modern

Language Department.

Participated in monthly meeting/session with the University

Administrative Staff e.g., the College President, Vice-President,

Deans of Academic Affairs, Deans of Security and School,



ELIE FLEURANT                                                        Page three               




(BCC continued)

Senate members.Participated and contributed in decision-making on school

curriculum , student government.Engaged in Senate floor discussion for the College Academic Improvement.Reported Senate activities to Modern language Department staff

during monthly meeting.


LA GUARDIA COLLEGE                                         1988-1999


Teaching French Literature & Afro- Caribbean Literature


(Public Schools Experiences)



Served as Attendance/Teacher-Consultant. 1992- 1999                                                              Analyzed school improvement attendance in EDIT Program.

Served as liaison and consultant between the school,

parents, communities and social agencies.

Visited parents and made home visits to track down and

ensured consecutive school attendance.

Encouraged parental, school administrator positive interactions.

Assisted students in shelter programs involved in after-school


SECONDARY SCHOOL LEVEL TEACHING  1981-1992                                                              *Walton High School - Bronx, New York

  Taught French and Spanish classes  

*Boys and Girls High School

  Taught French, Spanish and coordinated French Club

* Long Island City High School

  Taught Special Ed courses/ Served as Crisis Intervention Teacher.

* Francis Lewis High School


   Taught Special Ed courses/ Served as Crisis Intervention Teacher    







ELIE FLEURANT                                                                   Page four











Organized workshop and Staff development seminar on school violence and diversity.

Worked in conjunction with Lions Quest International, United Nations/NGO, Boys and Girls Club of America , Board of Education of New York and City University of New York

Developed a plan of enrichment for students during training with Lions Quest on School Violence Prevention workshop

Encouraged empathy, leadership and team work among members

Developed an outreach strategy to form partnership with Senate/City Council Offices, PTA and Parents Coordinator.

Organized fund raising activities while helping in grant writing and proposal submission to philanthropic organizations

Participated in conferences and activities aiming to reduce violence in urban areas.

Developed After school Program aiming to help at risk students and youngsters with low academic achievement:Self-discipline, self-confidence, self-awarenes,interpersonal communication,decision-making,anger and conflict management,academic achievement,critical training, resisting drug use,healthy family relation.

Conducted critical research on violence behavior among children and adults.   



* SAS (School Administrator and Supervisor)

* Regular license Special Education

* New State and City License - Regular French/Spanish

*New York State and City Bilingual Spanish License in Attendance Teacher counseling


*New York State Teacher Certification Languages: French,         









ELIE FLEURANT                                                                Page five








P.S. 49, Bronx, New York


* Designed a strategic plan of organization and supervision for the  auditorium

* Authored a study aimed at improving the school attendance

* Served as liaison and multilingual translator for the school

* Supervised attendance improvement program - EDIT (State program) 

 * Maintained records for evaluation and research

* Served as coordinator for the school lateness committee

* Analyzed school improvement program and provided recommendations.

* Responsible for daily collection of roll book

* Assisted in public personal committee for identifying and helping students at risk

* Co-authored in conference with principal, teachers, school supervisors and parents

* Assisted homeless parents and students in locating shelter, community services, churches, health related services

* Coordinated after school tutorial program

* Carried out student disciplinary interventions, including assignment of detention suspension, reinstatement and related parental contacts

* Organized Parental contacts and planned trip for the EDIT program

* Orientation and training of new staff member



     Springfield Garden High School , Queens, New York 1981-82


* Supervised and coordinated ESL bilingual program/CREOLE/FRENCH

* Supervised teachers and paraprofessional of Federal Program

* Oriented and organized new staff members


* Assessed and identified LEP with special needs

* Administered district wide testing of LEP students with special needs







ELIE FLEURANT                                                                Page six



(continued from above)

* Served as advisor, counselor, team leader for the after school program and student club activities.




* Administered Woodcock Johnson Test Spanish/English

* Conducted assessment of A. Brigance Test

* Interviewed and consulted parents

* Conducted conference with multi-disciplinary team e.g., Principal, Superintendent, Psychologist, Evaluator, Social worker, Parents





*A COEUR NU Centaure Publishing Dec 1999

*Diaphanism:The essentials of Happiness-To be published in 2011



* Poet Finds Inspiration in His Homeland, Haiti: Herald Magazine Feb.2000

* Naked Heart: Oswego University Alumni Magazine,Fall 2000

* Poet/ Philosopher,St John’s Alumnus Makes Special Return:

    The Torch St John’s University Magazine, March 2001

* Language Professor Creates Philosophy THE VOICE/ Faculty & Staff Magazine Dec 2001

* Professor Fleurant and Students visits Paris to honor French Poet

    THE VOICE Oct 2001

* CUNY Professor Visits Homeland China: VOICE , Nov 2002

* CUNY Professor Find Needs to SAVE Kids from Youth Violence:

    The Communicator BCC City University of New York,Oct 2003

* Toussaint Louverture, The First of the Blacks:

* One of Black History Unsung Heroes :Bellmore Life Feb 1998

* North Bellmore Professor Publishes Poetry: Bellmore Life Feb 2000

* Springfield Celebrates Toussaint Louverture:


    Springfield Garden High School Magazine Spring 1997





ELIE FLEURANT                                                           Page seven




(Articles Continue)

* La Poésie Haitienne Aux Conflits de Deux Associations

     Haiti Observateur Hebdomadaire, Oct 2000

*  Inauguration du DIAPHANEISME à Paris

     Haiti Observateur ,July 2000

*  La Poésie Haitienne à l’Honneur Haiti: Observateur ,Oct 2000

*  La Psychologie de l’Adolescent: Haiti Observateur August 1990




*SAVE ( Students Against Violence and for Education

*SID/COP Society of International Diaphanism/Council On Peace

*Association Des Professeurs de Langues Romantiques

*United Nations/NGO Committee On Disarmament

*Société Des Poètes Français/ Association Rencontres Européennes      

* Associate member/ IPPA- International Positive Psychology Association

* APA/ American Psychology Association



* Inventor of Educational and sport items: FAS & Bungee Tennis

* Poet and lecturer on poetry/French,Spanish,English, Creole,Italian 

* Research Specialist in Western Philosophy

* Founder and Chairman of SAVE/SID/COP

*Founder,Tune In To Happiness Club on Campuses nationwide

* Publishing and writing of numerous articles on history,                            literature,psychology,youth violence, literature,poetry, philosophy  

* Co-founder of CAN( Committee for the Advancement of the Needy)

* Sales and promotion

* College recruiter for EOP Program State University of New York

* Certificate in Film directing and producing

* Script writer for documentary and motion picture

* Founder of SAVE/SID/COP

* Interest in fund raising and Philanthropic organizations 

* Member: Haiti Task Force/ Earthquake Emergency Relief(State University NY)   

* Lecturer on Diaphanism Philosophy







ELIE FLEURANT                                                               Page eight





* Elie Fleurant holds two diplomas in Film Directing and Production from Hollywood Film Institute. Mr. Fleurant has participated in many film projects, i.e., Death by Degree, a documentary film project on school violence with a budget of 4.5 million dollars sponsored by Oswego State University. Prof. Fleurant is currently working in a film project featuring the influence of Cuban Culture in Vera Cruz, the Caribbean coast of Mexico. This documentary film project is in development with the partnership and sponsorship of St.John’s University, The Department of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.




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Poésie et philosophie contemporaines

Catherine Marcelin

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Printemps aux doigts de tulipe

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La poésie haïtienne au confluent  de deux associations par Maggy de Coster

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Quand Socrate dialogue avec Erato

Connecticut Magazine Par Nancy Hérard

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Elie Fleurant: A Coeur Nu – Al Roker: Don’t Make Me Stop This Car

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Life of  the Black Liberator according to Prof. Elie Fleurant April 2000

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By Elie Fleurant  March 2012

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Last Word Oswego Alumni Magazine, Oct 2012

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Farmingdale State University of New York

• Campus Times Magazine, Nov 2014

• Poetic  in Motion

Elie Fleurant lectures on his Philosophy and Poetic

North Bellmore Public Library

Newsday  PS April 2014

• Toussaint  Louverture : The First of the Blacks

Caribbean Life/Fall 2001

• New Release : Eyes of the Night

When Socrates dialogues with Erato

Modern Philosophy in symbioses with a poetic

 Caribbean Magazine December 2013

• ”Fear Not”

BCC  City University of New York

Freshman Convocation Fall 2000

Special issue from the Office of the President and Student Government






• Lauréat: Prix Intercontinental de Francophonie Concours Europoésie UNICEF 2014

•Finaliste Prix International du Livre Insulaire, Ouessant 2014

• Nomination Membre d’Honneur  Rencontres Europeennes/Europoésie

• Award Certificate Wall of Tolerance By Rosa Parks

• Award of Appreciation /Wall of Tolerance/Morris Doe/Southern Poverty law Center

• Certificate of Accomplishment by Lyons Quest International

• Certificate of Merit by WORTV UPN Channel 9/Eradicating Violence

• Certificate of  Merit by WORTV UPN Channel 9/Honoring Toussaint Louverture the precursor    


*Wall of Tolerance/National Campaign for Tolerance/Rosa Parks

* BCC City University of New York /Decade Award

* Special Education Resource Center Certificate/Violence Prevention

* Skills For Growing Certificate/Violence Prevention/Anger Management

* Hollywood Film Institute/ Feature Film Producer Certificate

* Hollywood Film Institute/Emeritus Certificate Director & Line Producer

* Hollywood Film Institute/LA The Film Business Certificate  




French, Spanish, Creole, Portuguese, Latin and Italian





Furnished Upon Request            












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