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Welcome to EliFleurant.com


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Forum of Poests is aired every Sunday 3-4 pm via www.optimummondial.com. This program is  a cultural radio show, which topics encompass poetry, philosophy, literature, life skills, arts, education , literacy, film, theatre and new book release.

Radio show host: Prof. Elie Fleurant


The success and effectiveness of an advertising depends on a number of factors:


  1. Demographic – How many people are listening and how much attention they pay?

  2. Repetitive mode of the commercial

  3. Cost and budget

  4. Frequency and effectiveness of the commercial

Radio Advertising Compared To Other Media


The TV show aired during the Super Bowl XLV (2011) cost the advertisers roughly $100.000 per second. On regular air time, a 30 second TV commercial cost an average $50.000 per 30 seconds. On an average radio show, it would cost approximately $5,000 per 30 second.

Internet and Audio Now radio station is more cost effective and makes more dollar sense.

The listeners of our radio station are consistent and pay attention to every single detail. Radio optimum has a demographic frequency is 1,000,000 listeners. Our advertising is 50 times cheaper than average radio and is also more cost effective than newspaper and TV ads. We are also on the internet 24/7, smartphone and iPod


Promote your products or buisnesses by simply supporting our cultural, educational and literary programs.  


*If you choose to sponsor the show “Forum of Poets”, your sponsorship would be optional ranging from 50 dollars to 100 dollars a month.

Thank you for your support!




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